Ali Reza Rezaei Motlagh

Expert and analyst of public service systems

Activity records

  • Supervise the preparation and installation of hardware and software of 200 bank card readers (POS) in stores and restaurants of the contracting party for the use of cardholders

  • Assistance in designing, printing and preparing 17,000 bank facility cards and delivering them to all employed and retired employees of Mobarakeh Steel Company and their spouses

  • Design, implementation and commissioning of computer network (including purchase and installation of hardware, commissioning of data lines and installation of software) between nine consumer cooperative stores (stores in Zarrinshahr, Fooladshahr, Mobarakeh, Shahreza, Majlisi New City, warehouses Cooperatives in Abrisham, Kaveh, Isfahan, Isfahan Army Branch and Borujen city

  • Design and preparation of food tokens for use in restaurants in Isfahan province

  • Design, implementation and execution of registration software and issuance of identification card for the largest Quranic competition in southern Iran with the presence of fifteen thousand participants and by gender, age, field of competition, type of disability, etc. for five years (this competition at the expense of the company Mobarakeh Steel is held every year)

  • Design and implementation of mechanization of food delivery to contractors in order to control food delivery based on the number of registered and employed personnel in the company’s projects and prevent non-purchase and delivery of food to employees

  • Supervising the equipment and commissioning of hardware and software of restaurants (Room Lunch) at the level of Mobarakeh Steel Company

  • Supervise the selection and work of the contractor executing the food ordering and delivery software

  • Design and implementation of "Contractors Status Statement" system for restaurants in order to control the consumption of raw materials and accuracy and speed payments in Mobarakeh Steel Company

  • Design and implementation of software for calculating and issuing telephone bills for the telecommunication center of Mobarakeh Steel Company


Participation in the design, implementation and deployment of IT systems in:

 Mobarakeh Steel Company